Hospitality Instructions

General Instructions:  Please note the date you are on duty. Hospitality will email you the week before as a reminder (call if you have no email).

Please plan to arrive ½ hour before the dance is set to start on your assigned date so we can get things set up before dance time.  Remain after the dance to help clean up.  All refreshment people help set up, but greeters should be at the entrance door 15 minutes before the dance begins. We know that because of busy schedules, you might be unable to do the job on your assigned or chosen date.  If this is the case, it is YOUR responsibility to change your date with someone else in the club.  If you are also assigned to be the greeter, your substitute will be responsible for refreshments and greeting.


  1. Bring a refreshment/snack.  Please bring a generous portion to serve a large group of people; for example, several dozen cookies, a cheese/cracker tray, relish plate, etc

2.         Set up:

a.    Set up two tables on the dance floor between the kitchen doors.

b.    In the kitchen, clear off the beverage counter, the metal island, and around the sinks (use our cleaner if necessary).

c.     Carry in our marked (#1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) supply bins, which are in the supply room behind our registration table.

d.    Fill the coffee urn with water.  Fill the water cooler with ice cubes and water.

e.    Cover the metal island with plastic tablecloths, using colors appropriate for the season or holiday.

f.     Get out napkins, cups, markers and signs for the cups, juice pitcher and spoon, punch bowl and ladle, folding cupboard, cream, sugar, teabags, instant coffee, spoons, and hand sanitizer.

g.    Make the punch (usually around 7:15 or so) – hospitality committee provides ice & ingredients

Recipe 1:  2 quarts constituted Kool-aid drink mix (directions on can) combined with cranberry juice & ginger ale

Recipe 2:  2 quarts constituted green Kool-aid drink mix (directions on can) combined with 1 quart ginger ale OR with Wegmans Green Apple pop for St. Patrick’s Day, OR with orange Kool-aid drink mix with ginger ale for Halloween

Recipe 3:  96 oz. cranberry juice, Wegmans orange juice, and one 2-liter 7Up

3.         Clean up:

a.    Clean and put away everything from tables, counters, etc. that you set up.  Place items in numbered bins according to the content list marked on each bin. Do not throw away plastic tablecloths.

b.    Return the tables to where they belong.

c.     Return the supply bins to the supply room across the hall.

d.    Empty and dry the coffee urn and the water cooler, and return them to their supply room shelf.

e.    Clean up the kitchen.  Wipe counters and metal island, rinse sink.

f.     Replace church’s items cleared off counters when setting up.

g.    Remove garbage to the dumpster in the parking lot; place new garbage bags in garbage cans.


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