About Square Dance Classes

 The Copy Cats Square Dance Club would like to welcome you to our Annual Open House.  Our Open House is free to the public.  It will be held:

September 17, 2019

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Bay Trail Middle School,

1760 Scribner Road, Penfield, NY (Map)


The Open House is a way for you to get acquainted to Square Dancing.  This is no longer your Grandparent’s Square Dancing.  Gone are old twang songs and now Squares are being called to all different types music like Rock and Roll, Classic Oldies, Today’s Country, etc.

Now you are thinking, I can’t Dance!  We are telling you that you don’t need any previous dancing experience.  We also say, if you know your Right Hand from your Left Hand, you can learn how to Square Dance.  We start everyone out with the most basic calls, then work your way up the call list.  What we teach is the basis for all Square Dancing and that is called the Mainstream programWe guarantee that you will have fun.  That is our number one rule.  You will also reap the benefits of great exercise for your body as well as your mind.  I bet you weren’t aware that Square Dancing for two and half hours is the same as walking 5 miles!

We welcome couples as well as single people to our Club!  Please attend our Open House and talk to our members about how they got started Square Dancing.  Ask our members about some of their closest friends and they will tell that it is the people they met Square Dancing.  Not only will you learn how to Square Dance, but you will gain a new Circle of Friends.

Come on and try it!  Bring your friends and family with you.  The Open House and your first 6 lessons are Free!