Our History

A Brief Copy Cats History

Copy Cats was formed by Xerox employees in 1970.  Hence the name Copy Cats and the club colors, Black & White.  The club no longer retains an association with Xerox but the name remains.  The first dances were held in Xerox Building 337.  Dick Frohwein was our first caller and class Instructor.

In 1971, the club joined the Rochester Square Dance Federation.  Jan and Judy Brenderson created the Copy Cats banner and Russ and Margorie Taber designed our badges.

The first Presidents were Fred and Charlotte Speechio (1971-1972).  At that time, the club was made up of nine couples with seven couples in class.  Mike Callahan became the regular club caller in 1972.

In 1982 the club became independent of Xerox.  Up until that time, the club was open to everyone but officers had to be Xerox employees.  At that time the club moved its dances from a Xerox building to the Rochester Christian School on Embury Road in Penfield.

Also in 1982, the Rathke Award was established in honor of Jim and Pearl Rathke.  The club continues to give this award to a couple or member who makes a significant contribution to the club.

Chip Kellogg was our class instructor for nineteen years.  Chip was succeeded by Ron Brown who continues through the present time.

Copy Cats has prospered and grown to over 110 members.  We now dance twice a month at The First Baptist Church of Penfield and hold social events during the year.  Our principal caller is still Mike Callahan.

We are always happy to see members of other clubs at our dances.  We hope to see you at our future dances.  Come and join us for square dance fun.

Rev 8/27/2019

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