Club Presidents

1971-1972     Fred and Charlotte Specchio
1972-1973     Jan and Judy Brederson
1973-1975     Bob and Rita Dobbin
1975-1977     Jim and Helen Fordham 
1977-1978     Matt and Joy Moll 
1978-1979     Ozzie and Bea Ostertag
1979-1980     Ray and Emma Schlesing   
1980-1981     Gerry and Joan Beaudin 
1981-1982     Dick and Mary Vandewarker
1982-1983     Terry and Janet Snyder 
1983-1984     Jim and Liz Culp 
1984-1985     Tony and Mary Culotta
1985-1986     Rudy and Janette Tedesco
1986-1987     Fred and Lydia Behnke 
1987-1988     George and Biruta Ahn
1988-1989     Tony and Mary Culotta 
1989-1990     Paul and Pauline Brown
1990-1991     Bob and Peg Brandt
1991-1992     Brad and Barb Higgins
1992-1994     Bill & Joyce Deyle / Brad & Barb Higgins
1994-1996     Fred and Lois Allen 
1996-1997     Don and Joy Ferris
1997-1999     Tom and Liz Chrzanowski 
1999-2000     Dick and Sandra Smith 
2000-2001     Al and Peela Hooke
2001-2002     Al and Diane Whitcomb
2002-2003     Tom and Liz Chrzanowski
2003-2005     Lou and Gail Trabalzi
2005-2006     Diane Whitcomb / Brad & Barb Higgins
2006-2007     Barb Green and Dee Wickman
2007-2008     Charlene Brueggman and Bob Brew
2008-2010     Lou and Gail Trabalzi
2010-2012     David Yates
2012-2013     Roger Van Patten & Karen Bigenwald
2013-2015     Warren and Doreen Olson
2015-2017     Dave Lense & Rick Simmons
2017-2019     Rick and Donna LaDonna
2019-2021     Mary Martin and Phil LaRussa

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