Rathke Award

The award was created by the Copy Cats in recognition of the outstanding support given the club by Jim and Pearl Rathke.  Jim is remembered as a wonderful fun-loving person who with Pearl supported the club in many ways.  For example, when there were insufficient members in a class, they became paying Angels (as recent members have done on several occasions) and Jim is remembered as one who bought 50-50 tickets and then gave them to ladies of the club.  The Rathkes are also remembered as people who raised the spirit of the club doing whatever was necessary.  They are also remembered for hosting club party dances at the Hoffbrau House where they were members.  Jim died of lung disease, but Pearl continued as an honored dancing member of the club for several years after Jim’s death.

The Rathke Award was first presented by the club to Jim and Pearl in 1982.  It has continued to be awarded to couples who have been significant contributors to the club.  With a few exceptions, the award has been made annually.

1983  Paul and Pauline Brown

1984  Al and Dot Pheilshifter

1985  Dick and Mary Vanderwarker

1986  Nelson and Myrtle Peck

1987  Tony and Mary Culotta

1988  Brad and Barb Higgins

1989  Jim and Liz Culp

1990 George and Biruta Ahn

1991  Bob and Peg Brand

1993  Bill and Joyce Deyle

1994  Al and Peela Hooke

1995  Charles and Ruth Sander

1997  Fred and Lois Allen

1998  Tom and Liz Chrzanowski

1999  Dick and Dee Wickman

2000  Richard and Sandra Smith

2001  Al and Diane Whitcomb

2003  Nick and Rita Kooman

2004  Ernie and Becky Aglietti

2005  Lou and Gail Trabalzi

2006  Jerry Treuthart  and Barb Smith

2008  Charlene Brueggmann

2009  Tom and Joan Powers

2010  Barb Green

2011 Rich and Diane Cundra

2012  David and Sharon Yates

2014  Dave and Shirley Render

2015 Warren and Doreen Olson

2016 Karen Olmsted and Steve Barkley

2017 Rick and Nancy Simmons

2018  Dave and Kendra Jacobs

2019 Rick and Donna LaDonna

2020  David and Mary Jo Webster

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